Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Adult "Happy Meals?"

 Now, I am one to collect crap. Lord knows I got crap here at the house in which I go " What the hell am I going to do with this?" 

But McDonald's Happy Meals for adults?

Do we really need to be nostalgic for their "toys" as adults? I mean, their toys are pretty much crap. 

I know they have a choice of a Big Mac or 10 Chicken Nuggets as their meals. Neither of which I would eat. ( I will eat a Filet O'Fish or an Egg McMuffin for breakfast if I am literally forced to eat McDonald's. )

Last night on YouTube, there was an advertisement for said " Adult Happy Meals" and my wife didn't know what the commercial was all about. ( I'm to the point I don't understand what most ads are trying to sell.) And I told her " Happy Meals for adults" and her reply was " Why?"

I don't know. Maybe if it was Whataburger I might be interested....

Monday, October 3, 2022

I Don't Want to Scare the Hell Out of You....But...

 Keep an eye on the situation in Ukraine and Russia. 

I mean this seriously. 

Right now according to everything I see, I read, Russia is losing the war. It is why Putin has called up 300,000 troops. Russian military doctrine is still pre-WW1. Overwhelm you enemy with numbers of troops. Trouble is, there are so many more modern weapons to slow down troop advancement today. 

Every morning I watch/read the media out of Europe and Britain, and it is not good news for Russia and Putin. 

And Putin keeps making threats about using nuclear weapons. 

Over the weekend, Russia started to move around nuclear weapons and nuclear bombers. 

Now, that could be just a form of just a threat, but in truth, I don't know. 

A caged rat is a dangerous rat, and right now, Putin is getting closer and closer to being that caged rat. 

If he uses nukes, what will be the world's response? What will be our( America's) response? 

Every war game played using nuclear strikes ends with no winner. 

To paraphrase a possibly my all time favorite movie quote...." This business could get out of control....and we'll all be lucky to live through it."

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Buna, What is Wrong With You?

 And I know it's not all of you. I know there are good folks still....

But dadgum, I watch the news this past week and see two ex-students acting a fool running from the police......Don't you know they'll eventually going to catch up with you? And it'll be even worse once they do....

And what's wrong with you " diddling" under-age people? 

I now have two former students sitting in the Jasper County Jail for messing with kids....

Come on, what do you think you are? A Catholic priest? ( I shouldn't go there, in the 604 page report on the Southern Baptists, there were plenty of ordained youth ministers, regular ministers messing with underage teens. It's in every denomination, it's just not been brought out in yours yet.)

I don't know, perhaps I am expecting too much? 

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Buna Classes 94-11 Online Reunion- UPDATE

 Okay, here is the latest update on the Zoom reunion. 

It of course will be posted on YouTube.

We are looking at doing it the week of October 17th. Sometime in the evening 7pm, 8 pm start, I am thinking 9pm is too late especially for our old folks. ( Me)

If you have a suggestion on which day that week, let us know.  If not, we know " stuff happens" and people have lives, so we'll just pick a day in which we thing we'll have the most folks.

If you have suggestions of questions you'd like us to ask, let us know, and if there is anything you'd like us to avoid, again, let us know. ( Either in the comments below, or send me a message)

Once again, if you miss this 'reunion' we plan on others, so don't get upset if you miss this one.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Economics Lesson Sep. 26th

Sorry, I've not written a blog in a while. Grandma as many of you know was sick in the hospital for over a week. 

Man, the economy is a mess. I get up this morning and the currency exchange markets( FX) have gone mad.

The Euro is one Euro can be bought for 96 cents American.

The British Pound was down to $1.03 dollar buys you 1 British Pound. ( It's changed a bit, it's $1.07 buys one pound)

144 Japanese yen will get you $1. 

Man, while it looks good for travel to Europe for Americans, it is bad for the world economy. 

And traditionally a strong dollar means there is about to be economic turmoil, because it means everyone around the world is trying to acquire the dollar.  

Again, as I have said, The American Dollar, don't leave home without it. 

And in Britain, there is concerns over their economy, all headline news.

The Daily Mirror

The Daily Mail


You might think about not buying big-ticket items.

You might want to either hold off on a big Christmas.(Or spend knowing next few years won't be so good.)



Thursday, September 15, 2022

Schools, Schools, Schools...Deweyville, Buna, Beaumont.....

 I don't know what's going on at school anymore. I really do not. 

There is so much politics on both sides concerning schools, and it is at an all-time worse in this writer's opinion. 

I was told that last week Deweyville had a pep rally in which the theme was ..... supposed to be 9-11......But it turned into a " Let's Go Brandon" and MAGA. In which the AD was wearing a " Let's Go Brandon" shirt and a " Let's Go Brandon" flag was waving at the rally. ( I saw photos, but because minors are involved in the pictures, I won't publish.)

When did pep rally's become political, favoring one side over the other?

I am sorry, but not everyone in every district believes the same ideology, or religion, or politics. You may think they do, but they do not. You'd be shocked at how many think different than you, and to try and avoid conflict, they say nothing.

I was told in a 45 minute interview how much I was supposed to avoid my personal views when I was at Buna. 

I don't think anyone really knows how I think even today, other than my hardcore thoughts on the Bill of Rights, you really don't know what I think, you may think you do with the blog, radio show, but in truth, you don't. 

Schools are for everyone. If there had been a pro-Obama or pro-Biden cheer at the pep rally, you'd be calling for that person who lead its' head. People would be shitting in their pants.

People who are liberal pay taxes just like those who are conservative. 

I often wonder who would lose their mind when they saw the notes from my Ism's lectures. We did Communism, Socialism, Nazism ( Fascism) and books associated with the Ism. Today, there would be people all upset because we talked about those books in class.( BTW- Communism, Socialism, Fascism are part of the curriculum) Years ago when Maus came out, we discussed in in my AP European History class( I got to teach it one year, coolest class ever). Maus is now on the banned books list.  

I am sorry, but it is not teacher's jobs to instill political ideologies into these kids heads. Neither side, Democrat or Republican.....If you remember, when I registered many of you to vote, I always told you, " Don't care who you vote for, just vote." 

I wonder if anyone in the Buna ISD Board of Trustees read this article? 

I'm all about second chances, but did the district not vet their candidates?  

That said said, I hope someone shows some brains and hires Kevin Terrier full time Head Coach and AD. If someone sees Coach Terrier, tell him he was long overdue for the position. And I am proud of him.

This past weekend, the Beaumont Enterprise post this area's teacher pay. Buna was towards the bottom in everything. 

Unless you are from Buna, or in my case they didn't have a clue what I was doing( BTW-I taught the class at about a Soph-Junior  level university class).....And Buna left me the hell alone.

It limits the talent pool. I'm sorry, but it does. You want the best and brightest? You have to pay more. And there are good teachers in Buna.....But, more money? Better teachers will show up....

Finally, after I see what's going on in the Beaumont ISD, specifically West Brook, it makes you wonder? 

Thursday, September 8, 2022

Quick British History Lesson

 The next question will be this......Will the now King of England call himself " Charles III."

The two Charles before him were pretty infamous. 

Charles I of course got into trouble due to the entire " Divine Right of Kinds" causing the English Civil War.....Which lead to the execution of Charles I by the Roundheads. 

Of course after his death, England went into a period of a " Protectorate" in which the leader of the Roundheads Oliver Cromwell pretty much lead England as a " Lord Protector of England" which was by any other term a dictator. 

Upon Cromwell's death, the English Parliament restored Charles I's son, who became Charles II as King of England.....whose first order was to have Oliver Cromwell, dug-up and put of trial for treason, which Cromwell was found guilty, hanged, drawn and quartered, never mind he was long dead....

Charles II of course is known primarily for having 11 children outside of marriage. ( It's good to be the kind)

So, does the present Charles want to keep that name. He can change his name if he wants......I know the Prime Minister Liz Truss,  has already referred to him as " Charles III."

Adult "Happy Meals?"

 Now, I am one to collect crap. Lord knows I got crap here at the house in which I go " What the hell am I going to do with this?"...