Monday, January 24, 2022

I'm Telling You......And It Ain't Good

 I am telling you folks, I am concerned. 

I know some of you are just saying I am using " scare tactics" but I don't know. 

Russia is pretty serious about invading Ukraine.  You don't move troops around like they have unless they are looking for some sort of military action to happen....Now will it happen in the winter? I do not know. If I was a betting man, I would say they would wait until it is warmer, and I might be totally wrong. 

There is talk that the US is going to send 5000 troops to Eastern Europe.....How long before the White House sends troops to Ukraine itself?

Never mind mind China again sent 39 strategic aircraft into Taiwan's airspace over the weekend.

As I write the New York Stock Exchange is off -800. The NASDAQ is off 4%. 

All of The Fed raising rates, and the Ukraine mess. 

I see where one of the largest freight train companies( BNSF) is threatening to strike and if they are not allowed to strike, many workers just quitting. 

Like we are not having supply chain troubles already. 

I was at the store this last week and it had no bacon and no link type sausage. And at this point, who can afford bacon?

I know I posted this yesterday on FB, but you may want to try and stock a few extra goods, don't panic, because this may all go away in a moment, but it don't look good right now.


Friday, January 21, 2022

Interview With State Rep. James White

 Yes, James is calling me " Kenny" that said, it was a good interview with James.( That's okay, my parents couldn't get "Perry" and "Kerry" right about half the time) James of course is running for Texas State Agricultural Commissioner. It is particularly interesting when he discuss the questionable activity going on surrounding the present Commissioner's Office. ( Of course, always involves money. ) 



Wednesday, January 19, 2022

What the Cornbread Feck is Going on Here?!?!?

 I am not really a car guy, oh I keep up with SOME of the new models coming out, but for the most part, unless it's really an oddball vehicle, I am not interested. 

The other day just for grins and giggles I looked at the price of vehicle....Used vehicles....

I was shocked. 

Someone the other day posted a Honda Element with 100K, 2010 model, pretty much what I drive for $25,000.......And some damn fool bought it....There was another one online someone was asking $49,000 for, a 2011 model. The last year Honda made the Element.

Now, I can't replace the "Toaster" and to be honest, I do not want to do so. And yes, I know it was a vehicle that was often driven by lesbians......( That's okay, I'm sexually attracted to "wimmens" too.)

On the way home from paying my property taxes this morning in Orange,( That's another reason to cuss) I saw a Ford Bronco in the dealer's lot. Not a color I'd buy, but I decided to take a look.....I literally looked at the sticker and walked off. 

You know, computer chips, supply problems, the price of cars is getting to the point the major auto makers are going to find that folks will stop buying cars.  

As the Chinese proverb says, " May you live interesting times."

We definitely do.

Saturday, January 15, 2022

South Jasper County/Buna Folks....

 I had intended to post this earlier, but got busy with, well, life, and plumbing, and other stuff....

Here are the two interviews, that have already been posted on Facebook of Jay interviewing the two candidates for Pct. 4 Commissioner in Jasper County, on Not on the Payroll's website. 

Both are interesting-

Kevin Walker:

Dennis Marks: 

You may want to share with voters in Pct. 4 of Jasper County. 


Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Dumba$$ Running For The Texas Legislature

 So, there is a person running for the Texas House from the Dallas area. 

Shelley Luther, a leader in the Anti-lockdown world said the following. 

“Chinese students should be BANNED from attending all Texas universities. No more Communists!” 

Come on man, do some research.....The ones coming here are studying business, and finance and economics....The most capitalist majors you can find.  I do not think how capitalist China really is. 

Now, the government of China sucks. Sucks bad.....But the average Chinese coming to America as a student wants to learn how to make more money. 

I doubt Ms. Luther has been to China. I have, and it was the most business oriented place I have ever been. Got a job? Well, you may need to get a second one. Or even better,  start your own side-hustle.  Everyone is trying to figure out how to go into business over there. 

The luxury car dealerships are the largest I have ever seen...Huge Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus dealerships. 

Huge designer clothes shops.

Huge jewelry stores.  

It's like telling Mexican Nationals not to attend colleges in Texas because, well, you may work for the drug cartel someday. 

Someone said it was because " She was a salon owner." 

I've got to disagree. We actually need more barbers, plumbers, 1st grade teachers, electricians, butchers, etc in the Texas Legislature. They need to be there to tell the House members how those businesses, fields, industry really work. Too many lawyers, too many history, gubmint, economics majors in the  legislature. ( And yes, I was a history, gubmint,economics major)  

Ms. Luther I think, may have some underlying problems towards Asians. 



Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Dammit People....What is Wrong With SOME of You?

 I swear people using their turn signals is a thing of the past. If you're going to turn and there is someone waiting, and you are turning before you get to that road, use your turn signal. Now one of the people today was a lady with about 4 kids in the car and well, I should give her a pass. But the others, well, you are an asshole. 

Second, in a 4 lane highway, the passing lane is that, a lane for passing. I know there is a law that you're not suppose to just ride in that lane.

Last Thursday evening after the radio show, I got behind a pick-up doing 56mph. I would normally just get in the right lane and pass, but in this case, there was a 25 year old Chevrolet car also doing 56 mph. I followed them from Roganville almost to Kirbyville....and traffic was stacked up behind both. Maybe they're like some sort of crusaders who think everyone should only go 55mph to slow down global warming. I doubt it. 

Also folks, if you are retired, or off from work that day, drive with the flow. Especially during "rush hour." 

Don't be doing 45mph if you are retired and got no place to be in a 65mph speed zone. People are trying to go to work. Or get home from work. 

Look my 91 year old mother driving 75mph in a 75mph zone...Maybe even faster, I am afraid to look when I am riding with her. ( It's like the time my wife was driving on the Autobahn between Frankfurt and Nuremberg and I glanced over at the speedometer and she was doing 145mph, not 145 kilometers, 145 miles per hour.   I stopped looking over. )

If you're going to drive 45mph, wait until after rush hour. 

Then, you people with those damn halogen lights. I am blinded when one of those 4x4 trucks is coming down the road just so you can see, and people in the opposite lane can't. Damn Martians can see it in the Jezero Crater. This is another issue I would run on, if I ever ran for the Texas Legislature.

Friday, January 7, 2022

Here's the Deal.....

 I just want to thank everyone for listening to the show last night on I know a few of you wrote having trouble streaming the show. You may want to try one of these streaming services.

I know my brother used one last evening in Llano and had no problems streaming out there. 

Yes, there were a few "glitches" if you had not noticed......We were late starting the show due to technical problems which were quickly resolved. 

Also, we were trying to video tape the show because we are going to start posting them on YouTube, but the camera decided not to record. We will also start posting shows on our website.

We should be "good to go" next Thursday at 7pm. Not only will we discuss religion and politics, we will have a couple of short interviews of the 2 candidates for County Commissioner Pct.4. Yes, that's you Buna. 

Again, thanks for listening.

I'm Telling You......And It Ain't Good

 I am telling you folks, I am concerned.  I know some of you are just saying I am using " scare tactics" but I don't know.  Ru...